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Intellectual Property

Vogue Origin respects intellectual property and is committed to protecting the legitimate rights of others. If you believe there is any potential infringement of intellectual property and have any concerns or complaints, please contact us and provide specific details of the alleged infringement and the suspected products. We appreciate your assistance in advance!


1. Infringement Complaint Procedure

We have established a strict infringement complaint procedure to address intellectual property infringement issues. If you believe there is content on our website that infringes your intellectual property rights, please follow the steps below to file a complaint:

1.1 Provide a Valid Notice

Your complaint notice should include the following information:

    • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address for us to contact you;
    • Your identification proof demonstrating your legitimate rights to the infringed intellectual property;
    • A detailed description of the alleged infringing content or behavior, including a comprehensive description of the infringed intellectual property;
    • A statement clearly indicating that you are the lawful owner of the infringed intellectual property or an authorized representative;
    • A statement affirming the accuracy and truthfulness of the provided information;
    • Your electronic or physical signature.

Please send the above information to our contact address.

1.2 Our Response

Upon receiving your infringement complaint notice, we will conduct a preliminary investigation promptly and reach out to you to further verify your complaint. We will take necessary actions in accordance with applicable laws and relevant policies, including but not limited to removing infringing content, terminating infringing behavior, deleting suspected infringing products, or prohibiting their sale.


2. Protection of Legitimate Rights

Vogue Origin respects the legitimate rights of others and takes measures to protect intellectual property. We also require our suppliers, sellers, and partners to abide by this principle. If you are the lawful owner of intellectual property and believe there is infringement on our website, please contact us. We will actively cooperate with you in the investigation and take appropriate actions.

Please note that providing false infringement complaints may result in legal liability under applicable laws. Therefore, we encourage you to ensure that you have lawful intellectual property rights and that the complaint is based on truthful facts before filing an infringement complaint.

We sincerely appreciate your assistance and understanding!

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